Dance Photography by Richard Finkelstein, a Tiny Sampling

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2002 USA-International Ballet Competition

Wu Haiyan: Gold Medal, Female, Senior Division
Li Jun: Silver Medal, Male, Senior Division

Katia Carranza: Bronze Medal, Female,
Senior Division

Mikhail Ilyin: Bronze Medal, Male, Senior Division

Sarah Kathryn Lane: Silver Medal, Female, 
Junior Division.

Eve Andre, Sergei Upkin: Best Couple, Senior Division.

Danny Tidwell:  Silver Medal, Male, Junior Division.

Joseph Phillips, Gold Medal, Male, Junior Division.


Images From Ohio University, Spring, 2005


Jane Franklin Dance Company



Shane O'Hara


Robert Battle / Battle Works


Linda Kent



Perry-Mansfield, Steamboat Springs, Colorado


New Orleans International Ballet Conference, 2003



Ballets Russes Reunion, New Orleans, 2000