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Dance Pioneers, Dignitaries, Stars, and Personalities
These are not "dancing" pictures, largely, but rather, candid photos of some notables of the dance world, mostly off of the stage, as they look later in their lives or at a moment when they are not dancing but rather taking a bow, relaxing, rehearsing, or speaking about their work. In some instances a link is provided to galleries with more photos of the dancer.

ABOVE: Hanya Holm, one of the four founders of Modern Dance. Hanya was a giant in multiple related fields. In addition to being a pioneer of Modern Dance, she was also active on Broadway as choreographer of Kiss Me Kate, My Fair Lady, and Camelot. Kiss Me Kate became the first instance where movement was granted copyright protection! She was also Co-Director of the Opera, The Ballad of Baby Doe. I took this picture of her on the occasion of the marriage of her grandaughter in Wilkes-Barr, PA in the late 1970s or early 1980s.
ABOVE: Arthur Mitchell, founder of The Dance Theatre of Harlem. This photo was taken at the 2010 USA-IBC in Jackson, Mississippi.
ABOVE LEFT: Legendary Dancer, José Manuel Carreño (Principal dancer with the English National Ballet, Royal Ballet and American Ballet Theatre among others). ABOVE RIGHT AND BELOW: Robert Battle, head of the Alvin Ailey Company, as he rehearses with dancers at Perry-Mansfield in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Depicted ABOVE: George Zoritch with Olga Guardia de Smoak at the 2003 New Orleans International Dance Conference.
ABOVE: Daniil Simkin - American Ballet Theatre Soloist
Trey McIntyre working with his company soon before it disbanded in 2014
ABOVE AND BELOW: (Info from Wikipedia )"Ann Hutchinson Guest (born 3 November 1918): a movement and dance researcher and may be considered the preeminent world authority on dance notation, especially Labanotation. She wrote a history on the subject of dance notation, and her works have been translated into multiple languages. She is the co-founder of the Dance Notation Bureau, New York, 1940. She also founded the Language of Dance Centre (LODC) in London, England in 1967 as well as co-founding the Language of Dance Center USA in 1997." Ann, by the wayis the person who notated the first piece of copyrighted movement, Hanya Holm's Kiss Me Kate dances, see the first listing on the page.
ABOVE: Anne's husband Ivor Guest, of which Wikipedia says: "Ivor Forbes Guest DUniv MA FRAD (born 14 April 1920) worked professionally as a lawyer, but is best known as a historian for his study of ballet. He was chairman of the Royal Academy of Dance for twenty three years (1970–93) and has been a Vice-President since 1993[1] and Secretary then Trustee of the Radcliffe Trust. In 1997 he was made a Doctor of the University by the University of Surrey, its highest honorary doctorate. He is married to the movement notation expert Ann Hutchinson Guest and acts as a trustee of the Language of Dance Centre, which she founded.
Daniel Nagrin. Broadway Dancer and Modern Dance Choreographer.
above: DANIEL NAGRIN, Modern Dance Chorographer and Broadway Performer
Joshua Bergasse. Choreographer for Smash. Photo by Richard Finkelstein
above: JOSHUA BERGASSE, Choreographer of the TV show, Smash, and Broadway shows including GIGI, and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.
Garth Fagan, Choreographer of The Lion King. Photo by Richard Finkelstein
above: Pioneer of Modern Dance, GARTH FAGAN, also Choreographer of THE LION KING on Broadway.